Why was my car accident claim denied?

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Why was my car accident claim denied?

If you have been in a car accident, your first call was likely to 9-1-1, but your second call was likely to your car insurance company. They probably set you up with a rental car, and now, you are just trying to get back to your life. Then, you get that call, your Placerville, California, car accident claim was denied. Why?

Intentional damage

Did you purposely damage your vehicle, or did you do something that made it look like the damage was intentional? Was this road rage? If any of this happened, your insurance company is likely citing a clause in your policy that limits coverage to third-party damage, not damage done by you, intentionally.

Improper uses

Were you on the clock when the Placerville, California, accident occurred? Sometimes, car insurance companies will try to deny claims based on improper uses. In other words, you were utilizing your vehicle in a way that is specifically disallowed by the policy, usually, for a business purpose. Generally, this clause is for commercial vehicles that should have commercial vehicle insurance, but some car insurance companies may try to extend this to anything you do on the clock.

Gig work

Similarly, anything you do in the gig economy may void your Placerville, California, insurance. This includes Uber, Lyft, etc. This is also why those applications usually provide their drivers with their own insurance when they are driving on the app.

An insurance denial is not the end

One thing to keep in mind though is that just because your car insurance company denied your claim does not mean that is the end. Call a Placerville, California, attorney. Remember, your insurance company is looking out for its bottom line, not yours.