Californians choose electric cars

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Californians choose electric cars

With environmental concerns and high gas prices on their minds, many drivers are choosing to switch to electric vehicles. Registrations of electric cars have increased dramatically in California within the past year. However, while there are many advantages to these vehicles, there are still safety concerns about them, especially with regards to the autonomous driving features on some models of electric cars.

Plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles

The California New Car Dealers Association (CNCDA) notes significant changes in purchasers’ preferences this year compared with 2021. An estimated total of 73,138 registrations of plug-in electric cars comprises over 17% of the market share, a 37% increase. Battery electric vehicles (BEV) account for nearly one in every seven new vehicle registrations. All-electric vehicles outperformed conventional hybrid vehicles for the first time.

Autonomous vehicles still require safe operation

The dynamics behind the increased interest in electric vehicles reported by the CNCDA does not include information on vehicle safety. The top two models – Tesla Model Y and Model 3 – satisfy the definition of an autonomous vehicle under California law. According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, 483 Autonomous Vehicle Collision Reports have been filed as of June 24. Accidents involve factual determinations of fault and can have any number of causes. Those who purchase plug-in electric and autonomous automobiles must recall that minimum distractions prove most beneficial in avoiding motor vehicle accidents.

Individual consumers have specific reasons for purchasing their plug-in electric cars. Sky-high gas prices have raised even more intense concerns about the environment. When operating a motor vehicle, however, safety ranks as a foremost concern. Attorneys who understand these issues can provide guidance.