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Personal Injury


Pedestrian Vs. Motor Vehicle Accident


Car accident involving only minor soft tissue damage.


Car accident case involving back and neck injuries.


Child abuse, defamation & libel


Motorcycle vs car accident.


Motorcycle accident

Criminal Defense

Charges Dismissed

Assault charges dismissed by D.A. the day before the trial was set to begin.

Felony Charges Dismissed

Felony assault charges dismissed after a successful preliminary hearing.

Felony Charges Reduced

Felony assault with firearm charges reduced to misdemeanor only offense 9 days after charges were filed.

No Charges Filed

April 2020… Pre-filing defense services result in no charges filed after felony domestic violence arrest involving allegations of great bodily injury (el dorado county)

Charges Dismissed

The client, facing more than 10 years in prison, resolved his case after residential burglary and assault charges were dismissed by the D.A. with the plea to minor offenses and minimal jail time.

DUI Charges Reduced

Dui charges reduced to “dry-reckless”.

Charges Reduced

Misdemeanor traffic offenses reduced to infraction.

Charges Reduced

Felony DUI charges reduced to a misdemeanor.

No Charges Filed

Pre-filing defense services result in no charges filed in felony assault with a firearm arrest.

Felony Charges Dismissed

Felony domestic violence charges including allegations of “great bodily injury” dismissed by the district attorney.

Juvenile Charged Reduced

Felony strike offenses reduced to non-strike offenses after a trial in a confidential juvenile case.

Felony 1st-Degree Burglary Charges Dismissed

Felony 1st-degree burglary charges dismissed after a successful preliminary hearing and a negotiated plea to a lesser offense