Wrong-way crashes often lead to catastrophic injuries and death

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Wrong-way crashes often lead to catastrophic injuries and death

In Placerville, across Northern California and throughout the state, auto accidents are worryingly common. Often, these are due to frequently discussed causes such as drivers who go beyond the speed limit, drive drunk, drive after using drugs, or are distracted.

While there are many reasons accidents happen, there are some categories that do greater damage than others. Among the worst types of auto accidents involve a wrong-way driver.

These do not happen as often as other kinds of collisions, but there is a significantly higher chance of catastrophic injuries and death when they do occur. Drivers need to be aware of why they happen and know their rights if they or a loved one was hurt or was fatally injured in one.

California has seen a decade-long increase in wrong-way accidents

In addition to four fatalities from three wrong-way accidents over a recent weekend in San Francisco, the Golden State in general has had a troubling increase in these accidents over the last 10 years. California Highway Patrol reports that there were more than 700 wrong-way accidents from 2019 through 2021. It is unclear as to how many there were in 2022 as the numbers are still being analyzed.

Of all California auto accidents, only one percent are of the wrong-way crash variety. Despite that, these accidents are generally serious with people being seriously hurt and losing their lives in a large percentage of them. Experienced CHP officers note that many of these accidents are due to drivers who are under the influence with speed a prominent factor in the severity of the injuries.

The California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) is taking steps such as making sure prominently displayed signs tell drivers they are going the wrong way. This showed positive results in Sacramento where there were 60% fewer wrong-way drivers for 2018 – the year in which its pilot program was initiated.

Having comprehensive help can be key when dealing with auto accident injuries

Any type of auto accident can cause extensive problems for those who are involved and their family members. An accident in which a driver was going the wrong way on the road frequently leads to massive injuries and loss of life. Having assistance with determining how to move forward is essential.

Medical expenses, lost income, lost contribution of family members and other issues can come up. The entire case needs to be fully investigated from the perspective of those who were hurt and family members who were left behind. Seeking comprehensive help immediately is key to try and hold wrong-way drivers accountable for their actions.