Woman in nursing home dies after swallowing industrial cleaner

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Woman in nursing home dies after swallowing industrial cleaner

People who live in California nursing homes are there to receive a level of care they cannot get at home. Often, the residents are elderly, infirm and suffer from conditions that require close attention from the facility’s staff. If errors are made or there is outright negligence, it can lead to serious injuries, worsened conditions and death. People who have been affected by what they believe is a nursing home error must be aware of how to gather information as to what happened to hold the facility accountable.

Staff at nursing home gave elderly residents industrial cleaner

A nursing home mistake led to three residents drinking and swallowing industrial cleaner. Two are known to have died. No reports have been given as to the condition of the third resident. The two who died, a man and a woman, were both 93.

The cups the residents were given contained red liquid. The woman suffered damage to her mouth and throat. Ingesting the cleaner is believed to have killed her two days later. The man spent two weeks in the hospital before he died. Both families have filed lawsuits against the nursing home. The female who died had dementia and had lived in the facility for nearly two years. She needed help for just about every aspect of daily life.

According to the facility, it was an unintentional incident and violated company policies. Law enforcement is investigating to determine if a crime was committed.

According to news reports, the liquid was placed in a pitcher with dishwashing detergent and another staffer took it to give to residents. The staff reportedly failed to call for emergency help immediately, waiting for a half hour. Once the woman was taken for treatment, nothing could be done.

Nursing home errors need to be investigated fully

Families place inordinate trust in nursing homes to give the appropriate care and attention to residents. Unfortunately, many fail to do so. Nursing home residents can suffer injuries from falls, be given the wrong medication, not get help when they need it, have bedsores, not be given adequate nutrition or worse.

In cases where people have suffered injuries or died, it is vital to have help in finding out what happened and why. Having assistance from professionals who understand all areas of nursing home negligence is a first step.