Three main types of product defects

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Three main types of product defects

It can be very frustrating and disappointing to purchase a product that does not work properly. It can be equally frustrating when the product breaks after only a few uses. In some situations it can also be dangerous.

Sometimes, when products break or have defects, they can cause injuries. There are many reasons why different products break, but there are three main types of product defects.

Design defects

Design defects are inherent defects based on the design of the product, which makes it unreasonably dangerous. These products are manufactured correctly according to the design.

Manufacturing defects

Manufacturing defects are defects that occur due to errors during the manufacturing process. Usually this is evident because only a few individual products have the defect out of all the manufactured products

Marketing defects

Marketing defects can including improper instructions or inadequate warnings that made an otherwise safe product unreasonably dangerous.

If a defect causes injuries to consumers, the victims may be able to receive compensation through a legal theory known as product liability.

Product liability claims are generally based on strict liability, which means that the victim only needs to prove that there was a defect in the product and that defect caused the injury. If they can prove those things, the company will be held liable for the injuries.

There are many victims of defective products in California. These defective products can cause serious injuries and the victims may incur significant medical bills as they recover. It is important that they receive the compensation they deserve. Experienced attorneys understand the complexities of these cases and may be able to help guide one through them.