Is the Fourth of July Dangerous for California Drivers?

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Is the Fourth of July Dangerous for California Drivers?

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The Fourth of July is an exciting holiday as it allows you to spend the day with friends, enjoying food, fun, and fireworks. However, others may take the excuse to celebrate too far, as they will get behind the wheel after having one too many. This can have intense implications for others on the road. If hurt due to the negligent decisions of someone else, a Sacramento drunk driving accident lawyer is here to help. Keep reading to learn more about why this holiday poses unique dangers and how to proceed if you’ve been injured.

What Makes the Fourth of July Dangerous for Drivers?

Because the Fourth of July is a federal holiday celebrating the day the United States gained independence, most employees will have the day off. As such, many take advantage of this opportunity to let loose with a few drinks. However, not everyone is responsible, and many make the decision to get behind the wheel while intoxicated.

A study conducted over a four-year period showed that just under 1,500 car accident fatalities occurred. Other studies show that Independence Day drunk-driving fatalities occur 10% more than the national average. In 2020, the Fourth of July period saw 41% of deaths involve intoxicated drivers, which was the highest of all major holidays that year.

If I’m Involved in an Accident, What Should I Do?

Despite taking the necessary precautions to travel safely during this holiday period, you cannot control the actions of others. As such, you may be struck by an intoxicated driver while on your way to or from a picnic or parade.

If you are stuck, it’s vital to proceed with caution. The first thing you should do is contact emergency services as soon as possible. This step gives you the opportunity to seek medical treatment for any injuries sustained while bringing a police presence to the scene of the accident. Ensuring the police are there can help guarantee the negligent driver is charged for their actions. If you are physically able, you should try to take photos and videos of the damage to your vehicle and the injuries you sustained.

Be sure to keep all evidence of the accident, including the police report and medical records. The report should detail the fact that the driver was intoxicated, which can later help you prove your case if you file a lawsuit. Keeping your medical records ensures you receive the proper compensation for the injuries you suffered.

At the Law Offices of Dale R. Gomes, we understand how devastating being in a car accident can be to you and your family. That’s why we are dedicated to doing everything possible to help you receive the justice you are entitled to. Contact us today to learn more about how we will assist you through these challenging circumstances.