How expert testimony may be the tipping point in your case

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How expert testimony may be the tipping point in your case

On its face, a car accident case may seem straightforward. You were hit by someone who was driving negligently, so you just need to file a legal claim to recover the damages caused to you, right?

The reality is that many of these personal injury cases end up having complexities that you don’t anticipate. And you have to know how to properly address these issues, otherwise you may be denied the compensation that you need and deserve.

How experts can help

In some car accident cases, the evidence isn’t as clear as one would hope. But this is where experts can help by providing well-reasoned opinions that can assist the judge and jury in interpreting complex evidence. So, as you’re building your case, you might want to consider whether you would benefit from any of the following testifying on your behalf:

  • A medical expert who can attest to your diagnosis and your prognosis. This expert might be able to specify what your need for future treatment is, why it’s medically necessary, and how much it’s likely going to cost you in the long run.
  • An employment expert who can help show how your injuries will affect your ability to work and progress in your career. This can help show anticipated lost wages and lost earnings capacity.
  • An accident reconstruction expert who can help you demonstrate how the accident occurred and who is to blame for it.

Don’t leave your personal injury case to chance

Depending on the facts of your situation, expert testimony can make or break your case. That’s why you need to conduct a diligent assessment of your claim before moving forward, that way you know exactly what you need to do to position yourself for success.