Your Remington rifle may be defective

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Your Remington rifle may be defective

Gun owners own their weapons for a myriad of reasons. The one thing that unites all responsible gun owners is safety. Every Placerville, California, gun owner knows that operating and maintaining their firearms is the key to safety.

Unfortunately, for owners of certain Remington rifles, no matter how safe you are, the gun may still fire without you pulling the trigger.

Known issue

This design or manufacturing defect has been an issue for quite some time in Remington’s famous Model 700 rifle. The company and industry have known about this defect at least since 2010, when it was reported by CNBC.

The company received dozens of reports of the Model 700 rifle firing without the trigger being pulled. These inadvertent discharges have allegedly caused dozens of deaths and seriously injured hundreds of people.

Remington’s response

The company still maintains that its guns are safe and not defective. But, since 2014, it has settled class-action lawsuits and agreed to replace the firing mechanisms in affected firearms.

Not just the Model 700 rifle

The trigger assembly in the Model 700 rifle is used throughout multiple Remington guns that have been manufactured since 1948. This means that, if you own a Remington firearm, you may have a defective gun that can fire on its own. According to Remington, the fix is upgrading the trigger assembly to its new XMark Pro.

What should the customer do?

If you own a Remington rifle, you should not store it or transport it loaded. You should have it checked out by a local gunsmith to see if you have one of the defective models. If you have been injured, then you can likely file a claim against the company with the assistance of a product liability attorney.