Product liability for online products

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Product liability for online products

With the state of affairs and the current shopping habits of people in the United States at the moment, it is easy to understand why many people do all (or most) of their shopping online. If a person purchases a product in an actual store and that person is harmed by the product through no fault of their own, they have grounds to go after the manufacturer of the product or the store where the product was sold.

On the other hand, what happens if the product was not sold in a store but was only available for purchase online? The fact is that many people have been injured by products that they purchased online.

Same liability

In California, as well as in other states around the country, many people are buying products online exclusively. With those products purchased online comes the same liability as products that were purchased in physical stores. People are vulnerable to products in the same way whether they purchase them in a store or online and the manufacturer is equally liable if something harms the customer whether they sell them in a store or online as well.

One downside of purchasing products online when a person is injured is that the customer has a harder time getting compensation for those injuries according to the law.

There are people who are trying to change product liability laws to make it easier, but this has not happened yet.

Solid advice from a product liability lawyer

When you buy a product, you have confidence that the product is safe and will not harm you or your loved ones. However, that is not always the case. If you have been injured by a product that was unsafe, the advice of a California product liability lawyer may be invaluable to your case. The lawyer can help you to ensure that your rights are protected and that you hopefully get the compensation that you deserve.