How do I know if my kids have a TBI?

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How do I know if my kids have a TBI?

In a recent blog post, we discussed traumatic brain injuries, their symptoms and how easy they are to incur after a motor vehicle accident. However, while it may be easy for you or another adult to recognize TBI symptoms, children are a very different matter, especially if the child has not acquired enough language to tell you about their symptoms.

Traumatic brain injuries in general

As discussed in that prior blog, TBIs are common after Placerville, California, motor vehicle accidents. This is because they can occur any time you are struck in the head, something pierces your head or from any jolt to your head or body.

Common TBI symptoms in children

Unfortunately, young children, infants and children with developmental disabilities may not be able to communicate their TBI symptoms, such as dizziness, confusion, headaches, sensory problems, etc. Nonetheless, the parents should observe closely and look for TBI signs.

Any change in nursing habits or eating behaviors could be a TBI sign. Irritability could also be a sign, as could persistent crying and the normal consoling techniques do not work. Your child may seem dazed, confused or lose their ability to pay attention. Pay attention to their sleep too as changes in their ability to sleep or stay asleep and drowsiness are TBI signs as well. Mood changes, sadness, depression, anxiety and a loss of interest in their favorite activities or toys are TBI signs too. Finally, in severe cases, you may notice liquid draining from their nose, ears or even seizures.

When medical attention is needed

If your child was involved in a Placerville, California, car accident, take them to their pediatrician as soon as possible. If the car crash was severe, get emergency care. If you notice any of the TBI signs or symptoms, seek emergency medical care too. Remember, while some TBIs can go away on their own, if your child is exhibiting symptoms, it is likely they need medical care. Without medical care, TBIs can get worse.