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Sacramento Valley Car Accident Specialist

Personal injury attorneys in Sacramento are a dime a dozen. Don't rely on a "big firm" in the bay area or Los Angeles when you can rely on a local specialist. 

Car accidents in the Sacramento Valley happen every day. If it happens to you don't hire a attorney 100 or 500 miles from your home. You need an attorney who knows the Sacramento law enforcement community and an attorney who knows the Sacramento area legal system. Yet most of what you will find online, are out of town law firms and out of town lawyers. Think long and hard before hire a lawyer hundreds of miles away.

Dale Gomes has more than 20 years experience fighting for those who couldn't fight for themselves. Good outcomes start with sound advice. And great outcomes end with good judgment and aggressive yet targeted advocacy. Without good judgment, your attorney can't give you good advice. And without good advice you cannot make good decisions that result in great outcomes. 

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