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Car accidents on the Highway 50 corridor in El Dorado County all the time. If it happens to you don't hire a attorney 100 or 500 miles from your home. You need an attorney who knows the El Dorado County law enforcement community and an attorney who knows the El Dorado County courts. Yet most of what you will find online, are out of town law firms and out of town lawyers. Think long and hard before hire a lawyer hundreds of miles away.

Dale Gomes has more than 20 years experience fighting for those who couldn't fight for themselves. Good outcomes start with sound advice. And great outcomes end with sound advice and aggressive yet targeted advocacy. Without good judgment, your attorney can't give you good advice. And without good advice you cannot make good decisions that result in great outcomes. 

So where do you turn? A lawyer on late night television commercials? Most of your late night or daytime TV commercial lawyers look a lot better on TV then they do in a conference meeting room or in a courtroom.  When personal injury attorneys resort to television marketing, they are playing a numbers game, searching for a few major cases that they can sign up and hand off to an experienced litigator capable of handling it while the TV lawyer collects a handsome referral fee.  The remaining cases they collect from slick marketing and late night TV spots are viewed as simply "overhead".  Don't be a television commercial lead when you could be a real attorney's client.  Ask any attorney you interview how many of the cases they accept ultimately get referred out to another firm or attorney who will do all the work.  Don't hire a personal injury lawyer whose law practice is built on collecting referral fees rather than practicing law.  Don't hire a personal injury lawyer who is simply going to refer your case to someone who you should have hired in the first place.   

Stay away from the big law firm bait and switch.  Unfortunately, the personal injury community of attorneys is often dominated by large firms spending thousands of dollars a month on television commercials and billboards and even more money on expensive office buildings populated by paralegals and legal interns.  The bait is the big firm sold to you by the partner whose face you have seen on TV.  But the switch is the people within that firm that will actually be working on your case.  Large firms that handle hundreds and even thousands of cases at a time manage that volume by farming out the hard work of your case to legal interns, paralegals or if you are lucky, to first and second year lawyers learning on the job.  When you need someone fighting for you, you want it to be an experienced attorney who has been in the trenches.  Ask the attorney you are considering hiring who exactly will be handling your case.  Ask if law students interning at the firm will be working on your case.  Ask if all of the real work between you and the insurance company you are fighting will be done by an experienced attorney or by a paralegal.  Ask if the partner you meet at your initial consultation will actually be the attorney working on your case or will she be farming your case out to a junior associate with little or no experience. All of these things are important because the glitz and glamour of a big firm isn't worth much if all the work on your case comes from law students and paralegals. 

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