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Criminal Defense

When you find yourself in trouble, you need an attorney with the experience and the ability to navigate you through the perils of the criminal justice system.  Dale Gomes has tried more than 90 criminal jury trials to verdict.  If you are in trouble, don't settle for second best.  Call Dale Gomes for a free consultation today.  

Recent Criminal Defense Outcomes


February 2020... Assault charges dismissed by D.A. the day before trial set to begin (El Dorado County)


May 2020... Felony assault charges DISMISSED after successful preliminary hearing (El Dorado County)


April 2020...  felony assault with firearm charges reduced to misdemeanor only offense 9 days after charges were file (El Dorado County)


April 2020... pre-filing defense services results in NO CHARGES FILED after felony domestic violence arrest involving allegations of great bodily injury (El Dorado County)


July 2020...  Client facing more than 10 years in prison resolved his case after residential burglary and assault charges dismissed by the D.A. with plea to minor offenses and minimal jail time (Sacramento County)


July 2020... DUI charges reduced to "DRY-RECKLESS" (El Dorado County)


July 2020...misdemeanor traffic offenses reduced to INFRACTION (El Dorado County)


August 2020... Felony DUI charges reduced to misdemeanor (San Joaquin County)


August 2020... Felony Welfare Fraud Charges Dismissed by the D.A. (El Dorado County)


September 2020...  Pre-filing defense services results in NO CHARGES FILED in Felony assault with a firearm arrest (El Dorado County)


October 2020... Felony domestic violence charges including allegations of "great bodily injury" dismissed by the District Attorney (Tuolumne County)


October 2020... Felony STRIKE offenses reduced to non-strike offenses after trial in confidential juvenile case (El Dorado County)


October 2020... Felony 1st degree burglary charges dismissed after successful preliminary hearing and negotiated plea to lessor offense (El Dorado County) 


October 2020... pre-filing defense services results in NO CHARGES FILED after assault and battery arrest (El Dorado County)


November 2020... Attempted murder charges dismissed for plea to minimal jail time after successful preliminary hearing (Sacramento County)


November 2020... felony assault with a deadly weapon charges reduced to misdemeanor after successful preliminary hearing (Yuba County)


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