What to Know About Premises Liability in California

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What to Know About Premises Liability in California

Injuries can happen anywhere, at any time. As a result, it is important to know what to do in the event that you or a loved one becomes injured. Some of the most common types of personal injury cases are premises liability cases. Read on to learn more about premises liability in California, how these accidents occur, and what to do if you become injured.

Where do Premises Liability Accidents Occur?

Unfortunately, it is easy to become injured while partaking in day-to-day activities. Some of the most common types of accidents include:

  • Hotel accidents
  • Parking lot accidents
  • Restaurant accidents
  • School accidents
  • Sidewalk accidents
  • Supermarket accidents

What Do I Do if I am Injured in a Premises Liability Accident?

If you are injured in one of the above accidents, there are some important steps you will want to take:

  1. Document the scene. Taking photos and videos is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to proving that some sort of negligence occurred to cause your accident.
  2. Seek medical attention. Even if you have not been seriously injured, it is important to visit a hospital, your doctor, or an urgent care facility. It is possible to have sustained an injury without realizing it. Additionally, visiting a doctor will allow you to ensure any injuries are tended to while simultaneously providing you with proof of the origin and extent of your injuries. Make sure to ask your doctor for a copy of any relevant medical documentation.
  3. Obtain the contact information of any bystanders. If someone saw your accident occur, he or she may be able to provide witness statements later on.
  4. Refrain from posting on social media or discussing the accident with anyone other than your doctors, the police, and your attorney. Discussing your accident publicly can cause a slew of problems and severely impact your case.
  5. Retain the help of a skilled personal injury attorney. A dedicated attorney may be able to gather further evidence, such as security footage and police reports.
  6. Make sure to file your personal injury claim on time. Generally, in the state of California, you will have two years to file your claim. This deadline is known as a statute of limitations. If you fail to file within two years of your accident, you may lose your opportunity to recover compensation.

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