Multitasking may be OK on the job, but not while behind the wheel

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Multitasking may be OK on the job, but not while behind the wheel

We multitask at work all the time, for example, when we check our email while taking a phone call. But while multitasking at work can be seen as a positive attribute, multitasking when driving a company car or otherwise traveling for work in Sacramento can lead to devastating distracted driving accidents.

The three main types of distraction

We are often encouraged either by our employers or due to our own sense of efficiency, to use a company cellphone. However, if you use a cellphone while driving you could easily cause a motor vehicle crash. This is because texting encompasses all three types of driver distractions.

First, cellphone use is visually distracting. Instead of looking at the road, we are looking at our phones.

Second, cellphone use is manually distracting. Our hands are off the steering wheel and on our phones instead.

Third, cellphone use is cognitively distracting. Instead of focusing on the task of driving, we are thinking about the text message, email or phone call we are taking.

Cellphone use while driving should be discouraged

Employers should discourage cellphone use while driving. This means having policies stating company cellphones should only be used if you are not driving or have pulled over to a safe location. It may also be advisable to use phone-blocking technology that stops a phone from being used while driving.

All motorists have a duty of care to drive safely under the circumstances. This includes avoiding cellphone use while driving. No matter how important that work call or email seems, if you are driving, avoid answering until you get back to the office. Doing so can help avoid a distracted driving car crash that could seriously injure someone else.